Phone repair in Rotterdam

Do you have any problems with your iPhone, Samsung or laptop? We know everything about your struggle. For expats and locals like you, this is a big problem. Because it’s probably a daily routine to use your devices. But do not fear, because that’s exactly where Phone4-All comes to the rescue. 

30 min service

10+ years of experience

No cure, no pay

3 months warranty

Original parts from certified suppliers

3 months warranty on all repairs and parts


We repair most devices within 30 minutes

Populaire reparaties

Apple iPhone X


Apple iPhone XS


Apple iPhone 11


Apple iPhone 12


Samsung Galaxy S20


Get back in the game with our mobile repair services 

Imagine missing an important call from back home or unable to use Google Maps because your mobile decided to take a day off. Frustrating, right? At Phone4-All, we understand how vital your mobile device is to your daily life. That’s why our mobile repair services are tailored to address your problems and efficiently, ensuring you’re never left out of the loop for long. Our expert team, including Esha, Ramon, Lewi, and Asad, is on standby to repair your device, no matter the issue. 

          The iPhone repair from Rotterdam 

          To all the iPhone users out there, we know the panic that sets in when your screen cracks or your battery just won’t charge. These aren’t just inconveniences; they’re major disruptions to your day-to-day life. Our iPhone repair services are delivered with precision and care, guaranteeing your device is restored to pristine condition. This commitment is backed by our ‘no cure, no pay’ promise and a 3-month guarantee. 

          Keep your Samsung ready, with the Samsung repair 

          And for those wielding a Samsung, we get it. Your device is your gateway to exploring, working, and staying in touch in Rotterdam. But with our Samsung repair services in Rotterdam, we’re committed to turning those setbacks into solutions. We work quickly and effectively, so you can continue your Rotterdam adventure without a hitch. 

            Seamless laptop repair Rotterdam for uninterrupted productivity 

            For expats working remotely or working on their studies, a laptop breakdown is more than a minor inconvenience; it’s a roadblock to productivity. Our laptop repair services provide comprehensive solutions designed to minimize downtime, ensuring a swift return to your work or studies. 

            Precision repairs for your MacBook  

            MacBook users, we understand the unique challenges you face when your device isn’t performing up to par. It’s not just about getting it fixed; it’s about ensuring it supports your lifestyle in Rotterdam seamlessly. Our MacBook repair services cater to this need with a focus on quality and care. 


            Phone4-All your solutions 

            Choosing Phone4-All means choosing a partner who understands living in a city like Rotterdam. Our two convenient locations, commitment to using only original parts, and additional services like pick-up and delivery, are all designed to ease the stress of tech troubles. Our team is not just fixing devices; we’re restoring your connection to what matters most. 

            So, whether it’s a sudden phone malfunction or a laptop crisis, let Phone4-All be your spot to go to in Rotterdam. Our seamless integration of services ensures your digital life remains uninterrupted, turning your tech troubles into distant memories. 

            Make your appointment now! 

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